Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mario Party 9

It's so fun when the family gets creative, comes together, and makes our house a different world. Sam had a rocking party! It's fun having a reason to draw and color too!
I got an education on what these things are called while I was drawing them. Sam loved having a reason to teach me all about his favorite game--Mario sure has advanced since I played it!
With the kiddos help, we made our first pinata. I'm so glad we did! We filled Yoshi's egg with coins of the chocolate variety to match the theme and found out homemade pinata's break a bit different. Instead of a bat, going with Mario theme, the kids had to earn fire power, and they had fireballs (tennis balls) they took turns throwing at the egg. It was hilarious when one of Sam's hard thrown balls hit the pinata and stuck. Even more hilarious, when the next kid threw one to get Sam's out and the ball went INSIDE the pinata and stayed. They kept at it until the egg burst.
Thanks to this website, I found this little idea.
We made the bricks and question coins that hold chocolate coins -- they were part of the prize for the kids completing all five levels of the real life Mario Party 9 we came up with.

Before the games begin, Sam is enjoying the Mario pizza with the guys.
I had fun coming up with this game! The 'BOO' or ghost in Mario world chases all the Mario and Luigi boys as they are trying to collect their Yoshi eggs. You had to find 2 Yoshi eggs (which contained coins) while staying away from the ghost. If the ghost touched you, you froze until another Mario or Luigi saved you. Once you had two coins, you went to Super Mario (mike) and waited until everyone else was finished before going to the next level. Katarina loved being a BOO.

After this level the kids left the backyard to enter the house through a level - the underground tubes level. I got a chuckle seeing neighbors' reactions when they saw 4 Marios and 4 Luigi's appearing in our driveway.
This guy is just trying to get to the tunnel without the Boos getting him! They then had to smash balloons (boo-bahs) that had coins in them to earn fire power, then had to bounce fireballs (red balloons) to hit my drawing of Bowser beyond the lava. Finally, they had to go through the lava level upstairs without getting burned to rescue Princess Peach.

Princess Peach is saved and presents her token of thanks to her heroes.
Sam demonstrates the proper way to save a Princess.

Sam makes his 1-up mushroom for his cupcake.

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