Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Here is Sam with his hard-earned certificate and car that he sawed and sanded and painted himself with guided instruction from Mike. Those two worked hard every night for 2 weeks to complete this fast moving machine. You may not be able to tell in the pic, but flames are coming out of the back of the car, earning him the "ROCKET" award. They really did this derby up complete with a beginning presentation with disco ball and strobe light and music all centered around the message of being good sports. Each boy raced his car with three other boys in a rotation until every boy had raced 8 times. A computer timing system had monitored it all and took the four racers with the lowest average time. It was a great way to make sure that everyone got plenty of racing time. While Sam's car didn't win, Sam's car was the 'only one in history' to race completely off the track, flying past the finish area. Sam's grin when told that made the night extra special.
They also had to make an official racing pit stop for tires (small chocolate donuts) and an oil change (apple juice.)
Sam can't wait for next year.
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Heath said...

I remember my first pinewood derby car... Unfortunately its no longer with us as I decided to attach a model rocket engine to it in its later years. It flew away... although i'm pretty sure I now hold the world record for fastest pinewood derby car, just not legally.