Thursday, February 4, 2010

Road Trip and Graffiti

We just got back from a whirlwind three day road-trip. I vividly recall driving a long haul with 3 young children and having to stop frequently for diaper changes in the freezing cold while telling Mike, "Someday this is going to be a piece of cake when they're older."

I think we're there! It wasn't exactly a piece of cake, but the kids handled a 9 hour one-way drive like experts. What I wasn't expecting was Anabelle's new confidence with her reading ability. She can easily read road signs, which made for a fun first time game of RoadTrip Alphabet. Anabelle is a charmer - we were at the letter 'P' and she knocked off two letters at once - "I see the Pretty mommy, Queen of the family!"

She earned bonus points for that one. Then there was the bathroom stops. Finally, I don't have to share a stall with her anymore. All three girls can enter their own stall. Except I wasn't counting on the graffiti. "Hey!" Anabelle announced while in her stall, not caring who else was in the bathroom,"somebody wrote on the doors." She took a deep breath, as if to read it aloud, and then said, "Um, it's about a person. But over here it says, 'God loves, just ask him.'"
Boy was I glad that was all she read!

A day later, a stop later, we are in a busy rest area again. Katarina comments, "Boy, I feel like I'm breathing fire after eating those flaming hot Cheetos!"
Anabelle, in another stall, says, "You must be breathing fire."
"I don't even get what you're saying," Katarina replies.
"The fart. You just did a fart of fire."
The whole bathroom area gets quiet.
"Wait," Anabelle continues, "that wasn't Katarina, was it?"
I'm so surprised she just said that to the whole bathroom, I burst out laughing. I'm sure somebody in that bathroom hated us. We left right away - making sure not to make eye contact.


The Farwells said...

I once reached under a bathroom stall to untie my sister's shoelace. Thinking I was clever- I rushed out of my stall only to find my sister already washing her hands at the sink. To this day I wonder who the poor lady was in the stall next to me! :) Oh, the joy of family road trips!

Becky Bartlett said...

Katie... I was thinking about that same roadtrip memory as I read this! :) And remember how dad would 'set the watch' and say we had 2 minutes to run in and out or else he was driving away?? Sounds like a fun trip, Heather. Your kids are so funny.