Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Worthy

One of the consequences of having a blog where you write the most memorable moments of day to day living is that family and friends will frequently ask, "Is this blog worthy?" "Is this blog fodder?"

Today we had such a moment after we'd been hunting for a car for Mike as the nights and early mornings progressed to chilly temperatures, and he's been riding his motorcycle. This weekend, we settled the hunt. Although we had been trying to find a small car like a Dodge Neon or Geo Metro, we found an old Suzuki Sidekick kept by an original owner and maintained by a professional mechanic. I've never seen a car this old kept so well. So for 1500, we added a member to the family. The kids loved it.  And Mike promptly took them out for 50 cent ice cream cones leaving me in a blissfully quiet home -- which means that now I love the car too.

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