Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My heart has had those wonderful moments where it feels fully lately. Something so small as the pic above--seeing Anabelle read the paper--makes my heart glad.

I do enjoy being in the valley where there are so many things to do, even on a tight budget. Last week the kids got to enjoy a new exhibit of the California Condors, the largest birds, at the World Center for Birds of Prey. Those who know me know of my intense fear of birds... that I took them is proof that I love my children. They loved the different type of eagles that looked at them funny. We surmised they were thinking, "I wish you were smaller. You look good to eat."

This last weekend the kids got to go fishing with free fishing day. While they didn't catch anything, they had a blast. And the zoo here just added an exhibit where you can walk next to wallabies. I love that the zoo membership is the same as one day admission and we get to go all year round. I also love that the science center is starting a new light show this week. Then there's the Watershed free exhibit and tours, and the nature center teaching gardening, and and and...

I succumbed to using coupons all the time thanks to the Krazy Coupon Ladies and the fifty percent off Sunday paper subscription deal. I never knew you could combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons. That changed everything being in a city. At first I felt bad for the stores until I realized the stores get their money back plus a handling fee. So far we've gotten free cashews, free toothbrushes, free toothpaste, free fruit snacks, free meat, free milk, free cheese...
I like free. The problem is that as I'm mentally adding up the grocery bill as I use my coupons and grocery rewards, that I know how much I've saved and suddenly I've justified getting the kids a slip n' slide... but that brings me back to being thankful.

And, the thing I'm most thankful for... friends and family. Not so much here in the valley, but for those that stay in contact and close despite the miles apart. It means a lot.
And, I'm thankful for the kids and their crazy creativity.

I'll end with finding a file on computer. Apparently, Buzz and the gang got access to my computer. Katarina casually mentioned that maybe Woody just wanted to check his facebook. Probably seeing all the publicity for Toy Story 3.

Facebook/ Sheriff Woody> I am awesome. Who's with me? Am I right or am I right? If anyone's seen my hat just poke me... or text Buzz. He just got the newest iPhone.
"Uh... oink can actually indicate a squeal or a grunt. A squeal is actually a high pitched sound that is mostly indicative of a pig whereas the grunt is more of a short gruff noise that has its roots in hogs of the male persuasion."
"Let the royalties keep pouring in..."
EharmonyToyEdition: "Hello there... "

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