Monday, April 19, 2010


With half-day kinder now, Anabelle and I frequently have 'deep thoughts' conversations. Today it was about beauty products and if they 'make people perfect.' Anabelle was asking questions about people on t.v. and magazines and finally we came to the topic of airbrushing. She asked what it meant--she remembered seeing that option on the school pictures forms awhile back too-- so I explained.

Fast-forward to our trip to Walgreens this morning. I'm intently walking down the aisles looking for my great deal plus coupon products. Anabelle is following me down the aisles when I hear her say, loudly, "You were right, Mom! It's definitely fake! Yep, that one definitely had her wrinkles wiped out. Look at that! No wrinkles at all!"

I tried to move her along quickly -- The mom down the aisle was clearly disappointed that I cut short Anabelle's commentary.

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