Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The night before Sleepless

Monday nights Mike is gone. Some nights that he's gone I have a feeling he's just not going to believe the Oh So The Drama moments we have. Last night was no different. Thankfully, I got a few photos to document it.

Immediately after dinner the kids go across the street to play with the neighbor kids at the school playground. I begin to clean up dinner when I hear Sam let out a rip-roaring scream. "I've been stung by a bee!" he screams.

I sprint across, pick him up, and take him home. I pull out the stinger, and run for my laptop as I've never treated a bee sting before. I follow treatment instructions for pastes and benadryl and such, and go to start a bath for Sam.

Sam is in the bath and I hear more screaming, a slammed door and pounding on the door.
Katarina, Anabelle, and one neighbor girl are screaming and jumping on the couch as frantic loud pounding is on the door. I open the door to see a giant gorilla. The dog starts barking wildly and that's when I notice that during the craziness the dog had stolen a half-finished corn on the cob and destroyed it bit by bit, with corn guts spread from the kitchen to the doorway.

The phone rings. The dog is going nuts and I don't want the neighbor girl hurt if the dog decides the 'gorilla' is a threat. Dog is outside, still going nuts, kids are giggling at supersonic frequencies, corn is my new carpet, friend is on phone, and Sam is in the bath. I calm everyone down and tell the girls that while it was a funny prank I need some quiet now and Katarina should walk her friend home.

I finish phone conversation with friend and begin corn clean-up when I hear noises outside. Katarina and friend are taking turns wearing the gorilla costume and jumping out behind our jeep at cars driving by, sometimes shaking the gorilla behind.
Drivers are laughing as they pass, and this is one of those times that I'm sure Mike will be glad that everyone in town knows which house Pastor Mike lives at. ( ;
And now I must go, as I've just been informed that our youngest has clogged up the toilet with her excessive use of toilet paper.
I should be thankful that life isn't boring, right?

Katarina takes a turn with the outfit.
I've never quite seen a gorilla behind quite like this.

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