Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just found out firsthand that my son had rigged the toilet with EXPLODING KETCHUP PACKETS!!!  Mike is STILL trying to control his laughter, as Sam did this on his own without any help. 
I knew something was up when Sam asked to keep 2 ketchup packets at the fast food chain yesterday, but I figured it'd be something super juvenile like coming out of his room with ketchup all over himself saying, 'Mom I'm Hurt!' and then I would, of course, play the part of the concerned mom and lead him, while lamenting and worrying, outside where I'd call Sugar over to lick him off. 

It obviously didn't happen that way.  Sam has taken April Fool's Day to a whole new level - - and he's only SEVEN!

Bleary-eyed, I made my way to the bathroom and was suddenly VERY awake.  Grrr... and all I had planned was cutesy little stuff, which I will reveal later.  I'm going to be looking at everything VERY carefully today.  Oh, and I discovered, that parents with children who read Captain Underpants should be very afraid today --- yep, that's where he admitted to getting the idea-- first he credited the library, then a book, then... yes, he was enjoying the moment.
He's now asking Mike when Dad's going to have his first cup of coffee.... I think I'll wait and watch until I get mine!!!

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