Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

So Easter morning is one Sunday you can pretty much count on everyone getting dressed up. That, and Mother's Day.
Why does it happen so rarely?

Because it's pulling teeth to get youngsters fancy, unless, like Katarina, you happen to be a preteen or teenage girl; then, you always want to dress up as amazing as possible because you never know who could be looking at you. At any moment. Because, you never know, your future husband might be out there, even if, say, you are going to go walk the dog up and down the sidewalk or step outside to take out the trash or drop off your mom's library books in the library bin. Or if it's not your future boyfriend/husband/casting agent, then it could simply be someone who knows someone who might go to the school or know someone from your school.
I'm not making fun of Katarina or any girls in this stage, because this is not just Katarina; as I said, it is ALL preteen or teenage girls.

So, since there are so few sundays that I get my children looking like little models, I wanted to take a picture - a holiday picture. That should be easy right? I wasn't even going to take them somewhere special to pose - just against the wall.
ALL I wanted one photo with no weird poses, no strange faces, no bizarre grins - just normal. Like how they normally look if they are happy angels... all at the same time. Yeah, I know, if I had thought about it ahead of time then I wouldn't have even bothered.

Once upon a time, Mike was in a metal remix phase.. meaning, specifically, he loved turning classic Billy Joel tunes into rocker toons. I found this one in some old iTunes backups, and I thought it very fitting for the photo shoot after church.

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Red Lipstick Princess said...

I feel like watching Bosom Buddies now. Thanks for the blast from the past!