Friday, February 6, 2009

First Thing's First

So I know you are dying to know how Digesting Donna went. Well, we
happened to have an additional 4 year old at our house when we
discovered what happens to a hamburger after we eat it. And, in
addition, after learning the ratio of our small intestines to our
height, we took yarn and stretched it out the appropriate length for
some 'hands-on' learning. Let me just say that there was a lot of
'EWWWWWW'ing going on. And surprisingly, not from me. 

But then, minutes later, Anabelle asked mischeviously, "Can I have a hamburger for

Sadly, we were not done with the human body unit. For this week we
also discovered how urine is made. Hands-on. Sam was to mix 3 Tbsp.
of cornstarch with 1 cup water, then construct 'kidneys' out of coffee
filters and a funnel, then attaching a balloon with a pin-size hole at
the bottom to mimic the bladder. Then Sam was able to see the large
food molecules left in the filter... well, you get the point.
Let me tell you that Anabelle enjoyed watching THAT lesson.

Today, on her birthday, she informed me that she was going to stop
eating hotdogs. "Did you know they're made from cows?" she asked.
(We only buy all beef hotdogs.) 

Then she continued, "And Cows pee out milk!!!"

Thanks to wikipedia we had some nice photos of cows to clear up the
misunderstanding. Although, later, I found out that when she was
seeing milk-colored "urine" flowing from Sam's science experiment
(think cornstarch plus water), she naturally deduced that milk is
actually cow pee.

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